Power of Perspective

Perspective is defined as “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something”.  Lately, I’ve pondered frequently about the power of your perspective.  This really hit home this afternoon.  As I finished reading a chapter of “BFG” to my kiddos, my cell phone rang.  A student brought it to me, but I didn’t answer it because not much will interrupt my read aloud time.  As I glanced down at the screen, I saw “North Madison Veterinary Clinic”, and my stomach fell.

You see, before December 17, I would have just assumed it was a reminder about HillTopper’s upcoming appointment.  However, due to Jasper’s sudden heart failure and subsequent passing, my thoughts immediately turned to doubt and sadness.  Because of the tears cried over Jasper’s passing, I dished out extra funds to pay for extra testing during RockyTop’s appointment in January.  I listened to the message and heard the vet assistant tell me to return a call about RockyTop.  Oh no! I feared one of his tests must’ve come back badly.  He must have some health condition.  As I walked my students out to their buses, I pondered….What if he needs weekly or daily meds, can I afford it?  What if it’s worse and there’s something really wrong with him?  I mean, he doesn’t act like any cat I’ve had before, so what if…  I tell ya, that trip around was the longest 10 minutes of my day.  I contemplated whether I should drive home first “just in case”, so no tears would be shed in 302.  I took a deep breath.  I dialed.  I requested Roxanne.  I listened…as she told me…”We realized we neglected to give Rocky his booster, so he’ll need to come in when you bring Topper for another shot.”  Wait?  That’s it!  I laughed and breathed a sigh of relief.  I also suggested they leave a few more details in messages when a client had recently lost a previous pet.  You see…perspective….it caused what would have been a mere 10 minutes of waiting transform into 10 minutes of emotional stress.

So, then I started considering all the other other perspective chats I’ve had with myself recently.

Last night, I had a parent contact me upset because her child had to stay in at recess to write a misspelled spelling word a few times.  I have my kiddos write their spelling words in their planner to ensure they have a word list to study at home each night.  Therefore, I find it important that those words are spelled correctly to help them learn them correctly.  If it’s misspelled, they could learn it the misspelled way…and that wouldn’t be beneficial. The parent’s perspective was that it wasn’t a test, so a consequence for misspelling the word wasn’t important.  It’s all in perspective.

This week, our temperatures have been anywhere from the 40s-60s.  As the third graders leave the cafeteria, they utter, “Wow, it’s a warm day today.”  After the super cold temps last week, 40s seem warm.  However, back in August when we had a week of 50s and 60s, those same students left the cafeteria saying, “Brrr, it’s chilly out here today.”  Perspective…

Politics?  Democrat or Republican?  It all depends on your perspective on the topics and issues the government oversees or tries to oversee.  However, this past Sunday, my pastor made a statement that clearly shows my perspective.  I’ll end this short post with this quote from Pastor Hamby, “The ‘right side of history’ belongs not to the donkey or to the elephant, but to the Lamb.”

“And crying out with a loud voice, ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!'”
Revelation 7:10

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