Jasper’s Fans & My Friends

Wow!  What a day!  It started with tears…again.  But…a wonderful thing happened between 2:47 yesterday and 2:47 today….tears subsided and were replaced with smiles.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure tears will still come when Facebook memories remind me of Jasper’s antics and our 11 1/2 years as roommates, but the journey is more smiles and less tears.

Why?  Because of you…and my kiddos.

Countless friends, family, & Jasper fans have left sweet condolences jasperand well wishes on my last blog post.  When I read them, tears flowed, but they also wrapped a verbal hug around my sad shoulders.  Then, I entered 302…knowing that my kiddos knew….and….

Z gave me a sweet note. “Dear Miss P, I am sorry for your loss.  I enjoy Jasper’s stories.  He was a great cat.  Love, Z”

R gave me a sweet card. “Never was a pet better cared for or loved. Wishing you peace and comfort in the memories of the friend you loved so much.  Sorry for you loss.  Love, R”

R#2 sent me an email.  Subject? “roses are red, violets are blue, you may not be able to see jasper but he’s right beside you.”  The message?  “Sorry for your loss.”
[I admit, my first thought was…”Where are the capitals?”  It’s a  teacher-thing.]

S offered me one of her kittens.  She has three girls and one boy.  I told her I figured I’d get two boys in hopes the companionship would help the territorial nature stay away, and I hoped to find brothers.  But, if I can’t find two related boys, I’d gladly take her little  guy.  When she told me her brother got some paint on it, I smiled.

Two girls suggested I get a kitten that looks “just like” Jasper and name him Jasper, so I’d still have a Jasper living with me.

Honestly, they were so sweet and caring about how I felt that my cup started overflowing with a bit of joy in the midst of the sadness.  Many coworkers also offered hugs or sweet sentiments….

Then, a remarkable thing happened.  I talked about Jasper and this weekend without tears.  Seriously!  I ended the day  by reading “A Cat’s Night Before Christmas” and dedicated it to the memory of my finicky feline.  We laughed at the parts that were “just like Jasper”.  And A asked, “Are you going to still write Jasper’s books?”  To which I assured him that the stories are still here even if Jasper’s not there to climb on the keyboard while I try to type them.

For now, I prepare for my next feline roommate(s).  Between the fact that field mice have a peculiar appreciation to my home and the realization that it’s pretty sad being the only breathing body in the house…I figure…why not.  I’m sure Jasper would expect a new feline (or two) to rule his realm.  I mean, Miss Fuzzy Hair can’t take care of his kingdom without whiskered help.  And…I could just imagine him saying,  “Yep, it’ll take two cats to replace me…cause let’s face it…I was King!”jasper bye

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