Ordering by Faith

“Jasper…The Figurative Language Feline” and “Pet to Predator” are both LIVE on Amazon.  This is good news.  Kindle Direct Publishing allows authors to buy discounted copies of the books for us to sell at events and personally.  This is good news.  I’ve been asked to “speak” at the Delta Kappa Gamma (Educator Society) Convention at the end of April.  This is good news, but also it’s a little scary.  Then, David Kummer, a young author and church friend, has invited me to share a booth at our local “Old Court Days ” in May as we did in September.  This is good news.  With all this good news, what could be bad?

To be honest, it’s not bad, but it was a little overwhelming.  With these two opportunities coming up and four children’s books now published, I had to order copies.  Even with the author discount, buying multiple copies….multiple copies of four different books adds up…fast.

The cautious single teacher in me suggested I buy 25 copies of each book.  Then, if they all sold, I could buy more.  The bargain shopper and money-maker in me debated that if I buy 100 copies of each then the shipping/book would be less and the profit would be more.  The safe purchaser and introverted part of me thought I could just buy the ones I knew I could sell and let everyone else buy from Amazon.  Decisions…decisions.

So…I took a sensible leap of faith on my writing.  I bought more than what the safe purchaser and single teacher believed was right, but I also talked down the crazy lady telling her than an Amazon total over $1,000 was not prudent.

Now?  I wait for the books to arrive.  I put the finishing touches on my Delta Kappa Gamma “One Day Dreams” presentation and give a child-audience-version to 3rd graders during Career Day.  I wrangle my “most favorite nephew in the whole entire world” who also happens to be my picture books’ illustrator into initialing the 125 picture books before April 27th. And…of course, I start writing “Becoming the Beast” and “Jasper’s 12 Gifts of Christmas Break”.

In the end, it’s nice when the books sell.  It’s a great perk if I make some $$ off the sales; my nephew enjoys this one too.  But…I write for the joy of writing and the enjoyment of seeing the looks on my kiddos’ faces when I read the books to them.  If others enjoy them too, that’s icing on the children’s books’ cake.

So…whether the faith it took to spend hundreds of dollars on books is met with success or failure…I’m good with my final decision.

Then, I think of the faith I have in the One who never fails and rejoice that I don’t question whether that choice was correct.  For a peace that surpasses understanding affirms that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow regardless of whether a single book written my Jodi Lea & Jasper ever sees the inside of someone’s home.  The Author of Life….He’s where my faith remains.




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