What are you working on now?

One of the questions I’ve received frequently over the past couple of weeks is “What are you working on now?”  To which I respond “Parent-Teacher Conferences”.

You see, I’m a teacher.  Back on a mission trip to Gary, Indiana, in the summer of 1986, I realized I was called to work with children.  God had given me some teaching skills and creative skills which allowed me to engage children in lessons and discussions.  So, I became a teacher.

During the 22 years I’ve taught thus far and the four years I subbed before that and even the four years of undergraduate work prior to that…my dream of writing a “real book” grew.

While teaching my third graders to compose their thoughts into sentences, paragraphs, and papers, I modeled my own writing.  Many times my students would tell me that it would be a good book.  The dream grew.

So, in May of 2018, when my kids had the chance to write their own ABC book, I modeled the beginnings of “Jasper’s ABC Book”.  They chuckled as I read the pages, and…the dream grew.

Then, goals were set.  Focus began.  The dream was put into an action plan.  Granted, my first books has only sold 9 copies on Amazon, but it’s sold over 100 in Jefferson County.  “Kitten Chronicles” hasn’t sold a single copy on Amazon, which I admit makes me a bit sad, but…I’ve sold over 30 personally.  Not bad since the copies just arrived a week ago.

Guess what?  Parent-teacher conferences are over, so….after some fall-cleaning, a dental visit, and Jasper’s vet appointment…I think it’s time to start “Pet to Predator: Memoir of My Life as a Feline Hunter”.

For now…I’m going to go home and collapse.  Thankful that this LONG work week has finished.  It was productive, positive, and packed….but now….I think Jasper and I are both ready for a restful Friday night.

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