A Whole New World

So, last spring….I set a goal.  Actually, I set four goals.  One each in the area of reading, writing, cooking, and exercising.  Being a bit “methodical”, I was determined to check each off my list.  The biggest challenge was the writing goal.  Not because I didn’t have the ideas.  I’ve had ideas for writing since high school.  Not because I didn’t have time.  I have the summer off since I’m an elementary teacher.  It was the most daunting because it forced me to face the fear of failure.

If I didn’t cook a new recipe each week, no one would care but me.  If I didn’t exercise regularly, no one would know but me.  If I didn’t read ten books… Well, that wasn’t even an option with my voracity for reading.  But…if I took my writing…put it into a book…and no one wanted to read it. Or, if they read it and condemned my efforts….I would endure the heartache.

But.  A goal is a goal.  And my self-imposed personality issues made it a must to accomplish.  Thanks to the experience of David Kummer and Benny Newell, I was able to be guided to CreateSpace where my goal…my dream…could become reality.  I kept telling myself that even if the only person who read it was me and my class that it was worth it.

So…in August, “Jasper’s ABC Book” was completed.  Less than two months later, over 100 copies have been purchased!  Then, last week, a mere two days before my first event sale at Jefferson County Old Court Days, “Kitten Chronicles: Memoir of My First Year Living with a Teacher” arrived.

Will everyone enjoy my books?  Nope.  Will everyone want to buy future books?  Nah.


Will I write?  Yep.

Ideas remain.  The joy continues.  The dream has become a reality and the journey has just begun. What fun this adventure will be for me.  I have the HEART of a teacher, the IMAGINATION of a writer, and the FAITH of a child.  Come along with me…and enjoy the journey!

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