More Than Mean

Have you ever known someone who is known for only one aspect of their personality?  For instance, when former students are asked, most will say “Miss P was the teacher with the funny voices.”  Obviously, I do more in Room 302 than speak in different voices, but that’s what stands out because it makes me different from a lot of other teachers.

Now, Jasper…he’s obviously known for being a less-than-hospitable feline.  He’s known for hissing, swatting, clawing, and occasionally spitting at unwanted guests, relatives, landlords, house repairmen, roofers, mail carriers, and…you get the picture.  So, it was simple to use an arrogant and demanding feline voice for “Jasper’s ABC Book”.

However, he’s more than mean.  He can be sweet, at least to me.  Once upon a time, he was also sweet towards my nephew.  In fact, on October 7th, a FB memory from ten years ago showed Connor with his arm around Jasper, his head leaning on him, and quoting him as saying that “Jasper is nicer than my cat.”  I quickly sent the pic and quote to Connor to remind him of a time when Jasper liked people who visited our house.

I think over the past ten years since it’s 99% me & Jasper only in the house, not including an occassional field mouse, wasp, moth, or cricket that sneak in.  When you get used to not having other living creatures around, it seems that you gain an attitude of “This is my kingdom and you’re not invited.”

Now, this cat who hisses and swats and has become known for his dominant ways…is only that way when others come.

Many evenings, he jumps up on my lap and either laps on my legs, my students’ work, or my lap.

At night, he’ll often curl up beside me and lay his head on my hand.

While I shower, he generally moves his nap to the purple rug in the bathroom.

While I cook, he’ll relax on the rug by the kitchen sink.

In the midst of fall cleaning, he’ll jump in empty drawers, lay on newly made beds, and follow me from room to room until the vacuum starts to roar.

On Wednesday, while having his annual check-up and vaccinations at North Madison Veterinary Clinic, another veterinarian was amazed at the stories of his behavior towards others.

You see….he’d known for being “mean” but he is also protective, sweet, and a seeker of company….on his terms…in his time.

Now, this makes me think of a discussion my Bible study group had last night.  We so often just see God as a “Loving Father” because…He is.  But…He’s also so much more!  He’s also…Just….Righteous….Holy…Jealous…Sovereign.  If we just look at one aspect of who He is….we will miss out on what a Mighty and Great God we serve!

So….I’m more than a teacher who makes funny voices…I’m also an author who writes in the voice of an arrogant cat…I’m a friend who tries to be there for the people I care about…I’m a church member who serves in various ministries…I’m a daughter who   spends time with her parents…I’m an aunt who has a one-of-a-kind relationship with the “best nephew in the whole entire world”…I’m a follower of Christ who attempts to live out her faith in word and deed.

Oh…I forgot.  I’m the roommate of a cat named Jasper who is known for being (more than) mean.

What are you more than?

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