Recess Joy

Originally posted on Miss P’s Ponderings on May 10, 2012

   At lunch today, as I sat waiting for the other 3rd grade teachers to arrive in my room, I was pondering what in the world I would write today.  Nothing had really grabbed my attention.  No analogy had manifested itself in my mind. “Hmmm….maybe I won’t have anything to say today?” I thought.

  However, I owed my students a recess which we should’ve had yesterday afternoon.  Yesterday, with the Star Reading Test, a math lesson, checking morning work & two days of computation problems, and finishing a Rock N Read book…which meant taking a quiz…we simply ran out of time.  So, I wrote an “I O U” on the chalkboard.  I told my kiddos this morning if things went as planned, we’d have our recess today.

   So, opting out of computer time (we are on testing overload), we checked our morning work & computation and had today’s math lesson.  Then, we silently lined up to head outside.  (Yes, I was surprised by the silent part, too.)  I told the students the quicker they finished the restroom break the longer our time would be since we had to be back in the room by 2; three of my students are scheduled somewhere else from 2-2:30.  So, we were off.

   We arrived at our large playground…and it was only my class.  Actually, it was my class minus four students who were absent and one who went home sick.  So, there were only 20 of us.  They ran to the various playground items.  Some were on the swings.  Some were just running.  Others were merely “hanging out”.  Then, I saw two of my boys shooting baskets; one used a soccer ball and the other a basketball.  I stood and chatted with them.  They both gave me their ball to try and shoot. (Note the word “try”.)  They chuckled when I missed, and I assured them Connor (my nephew) reacts the same way. 

   After I shot the first ball, the two boys had grown to six.  It seems four boys who were elsewhere decided watching my shooting skills was pretty funny.  Within minutes, all six boys were wanting me to “watch this”.  They were giving me turns shooting.  Then, shocker of all shockers, they were amazed when a shot went through the hoop.  “Wow, Miss P!  Nice shot,” one exclaimed. 

   Among these six boys gathered was a student who, at times, is left out by others and a boy who is unable to run or jump like the others.  Yet, the six boys and I enjoyed our time together. We were unified in our purpose…that purpose enjoying the beautiful weather during our short recess.  They’d yell for the left-out boy to throw them the ball.  They’d include the other in conversations.    When another hit a pretty amazing shot, we all celebrated.  We were a “family”, accepting each other, encouraging each other, celebrating with each other. 

   I thoroughly enjoyed those 15 minutes of recess, which is quite funny since I’m allergic to most things outside.  Actually, as we were talking and attempting to shoot baskets, I told the boys, “I must really love you because I’m going to have a sore throat and itchy eyes later.”  I don’t think they understood that, but oh well.

   As I stood there, I thought about how quickly those other four boys left what they were doing to come and spend time with us.  I pondered how the first two boys started laughing and smiling and enjoying the conversation.  As we were getting ready to leave, I suggested, “Maybe we can do this again before school’s out?”   To which several said, “Can we?

 So…have you figured out my connection yet?

  • Are we that eager to spend time with our Teacher? 
  • Do we rush over to see what He’s doing and how we can be involved?  
  • Does the time fly by, and the joy emanate from those minutes we share with Him?

 What about the family of God? 

  • Do we welcome everyone, or do we leave some people on the outskirts because they don’t quite fit?
  • Do we encourage our brothers and sisters in their efforts in ministry? 
  • Will we walk alongside them if there’s a ministry need we can fill?
  • Do we enjoy spending time with them? 
  • Is the joy we share enough to cause others to come and see what’s going on with us? 
  • Does it motivate them to join us in the joy?

Yes, these are points to ponder.  I suggest…you go outside, even if you’re allergic, to enjoy this beautiful day God’s created and ask Him to reveal the answers to these questions. 
Join in the joy…you’re never too old for recess!

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