Mind Readers…

Originally posted on Miss P’s Ponderings on May 9, 2012

   I told my students today that they were going to be the inspiration for today’s writing.  You see, now that the year has almost drawn to a close (Woohoo!  Only 15 student days remain!), my students have become “mind readers”.  Not a day goes by without me “looking” at a student and that student “knowing” exactly what I’m thinking.

Let me give you an example.

   One of my students has to be coaxed to sit on his pockets on the floor in front of the rocker when I’m reading aloud.  His language teacher and I call it the “on the mark” stance that he chooses to sit in, looking as if he’s going to run to the door as soon as he’s dismissed.  Today, as I was beginning to read  “School’s Out”, written by Johanna Hurwitz, I noticed this student standing with his backpack on and ready to go.  So, I looked at him.  At that point, he put his backpack on his desk and assumed his ‘on the mark’ stance, so I “looked” at him.  Then, he sat on his pockets and smiled a little knowing grin.  To this I said, “Yep, I have a class full of mind-readers.”

   During language class, my students read silently for the first ten minutes or work on their literacy letters.  They are actually also allowed to work on their book clubs or take AR quizzes on completed books.  However, vocabulary work is set aside at a different time of our class, and my students know this.  So, I looked up and saw a girl working on this week’s vocabulary focus.  I cleared my throat, which caused a few to look at me, including her.  At that point, I simply “looked” at her.  She smiled, and then she took her book out.  During the transition, I remarked, “I do believe I have mind-readers in my class today.”

   Truth is…they couldn’t “read my mind” in August…or October.  Actually, their mind-reading skills probably didn’t kick in until November or December.  Do I teach them how to read my mind?  Of course not!  It’s not an Indiana Acadmic Standard. Ha!  They simply pick up the ability as they get to know me and my expectations.

   As you get to know someone, you know what that person wants you to do.  Let’s face it, when I walk into my house and hear Jasper meowing, I know he wants me to open the door to let him have free roam on the whole house.  When he rubs against my legs, tripping me as I walk, I know he wants me to add some food to the bowl.  If he’s jumping up on the bathroom sink and licking the faucet, I know he needs me to check his water bowl.  Obviously, he doesn’t audibly tell me those things, or I’d die straight away!  I know him.  I spend time with him.  He’s my cat, so I take care of him.

   So…as we spend time with people, we get to know them.  As we get to know them, we learn what they desire of us.

   Yep, our relationship with God is the same way.  The more time we spend with Him, by studying His Word, the more we know what He wants us to do.  The more time we devote to Him in worship, praise, and prayer, the more we understand what He desires of us.  Now, in no way am I saying we can read the mind of God, but I do believe we can know the heart of God more as we grow in our relationship with Him. 

   Obviously, He doesn’t stand in front of me until I notice His attention in order to modify my behavior.  Nope, when I became His child, He gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit that actively prods my conscience and guides me on the path of righteousness. 

   So, as I conclude this and head to pick up my “Little Sister” for dinner, homework, Mother’s Day shopping, and DiscipleTown…I leave you this challenge.

Do you know Him better today than you did a decade ago?
How about a year ago?
A month ago?
Are you closer to Him today than you were yesterday?

   Regardless of the answer, I suggest you spend time with Him.  Read His book.  Talk to Him.  Learn the mind and heart of our Sovereign God.

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