Too Many Titles…

Originally posted on Miss P’s Ponderings on April 27, 2012

 Sorry, e-friends, I had too many titles running through my head this morning to just pick one, so I opted for the above. Ha.

   OK, first the big news…the Lost Camera has been found!!  The purple camera ordered has been cancelled.  This was big, big news for me this morning.  When Mary, my neighboring teacher and friend, came into my room this morning it was the first thing out of my mouth….

“Guess what!  I found it!!”

I was so thrilled…partly because it saved me the 100+ dollars I would have to spend on the new camera and partly due to the sweet pictures of my “little sister” at Easter, third graders singing at their spring concert, and my multiplying maniacs receiving their trophies.  Lots of reasons to be thankful, so I literally rejoiced.  While I waited in the school board room for our in-service to begin, I proclaimed the news to my principal…“The lost has been found!”

Shouldn’t we have the same eagerness when sharing what God has been doing in our life.  Heaven rejoices when the lost come to Christ, and we should rejoice and proclaim all the wonders of our God.

   Then, at the end of our in-service meeting, Mr. Watson announced that our iPads were available to be picked up.  OK, seriously…I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas day to a filled stocking.  I was so excited…only to discover, I am not as techy as I thought.  Alas, deep breath, Mary, the same one I mentioned previously, has had one for a while so she gave me a quick tutorial on setting up my account etc.  We even joked about having FaceTime away from school, but we’re thinking it doesn’t matter how much her husband thinks of me, he may veto that one. Ha.  Of course, my nephew Connor is probably just as excited as I am, since this means I’ll be changing my high speed Internet access to wireless in order to do my prepping for iPad enhanced instruction next year.  Let’s just say…it’s been a good morning.

Are we that eager to jump in and use the tools He’s given us?  We have access to His word in so many places yet how often do we get excited to dive in and see what new truth we can learn.  How often do we offer to help others when they’re learning to live by faith. 

   Let’s see, then…with the task of creating pretests to be used for the RISE-required assessment, we were looking at creating a new assessment.  Wait just a second!  Didn’t I do that five years ago?  Yep.  Could it be…would it be…please let it be still on  my computer.  Guess what!!  It’s there…so we have a starting point.  Huge tasks don’t seem so daunting when you have a starting foundation.  This led to a brief but productive grade level meeting.

One thing I started doing years ago is taking notes during sermons.  I think this is partly due to the way He wired me.  I like to stay focused and taking notes keep me focused.  So, at the age of 41, I have several notebooks filled with notes from sermons.  Hmmm, how long has it been since I sat down and reread those notes.  I have no doubt I’d see new truths and be reminded of applications that would benefit my daily journey.  Maybe I should pull those out and add them to my summer reading list?

   However, I must confess….when I went to bed last night I realized I needed to share about being overwhelmed with life and its responsibilities.  You see, I know I’m not alone, most teachers experience being overwhelmed from the end of spring break until the end of the school year.  For me, as the weeks pass during those two months, it seems my plate becomes more and more full. 

  This week has been one of those weeks…where everyday it seems like there’s “one more thing” added.  To be honest, none of them are bad things…but even good things can become overwhelming. 

   For example, our church has a ladies’ luncheon every spring.  I am a hostess at one of the tables, and I try to make my table look fun and my guests feel special.  Then, I write and act in a skit which goes along or introduces the theme of the luncheon.  Throw in typing a program, typing church meeting minutes, creating a brochure for Celebrate Southwestern‘s Accelerated Math table, putting together luncheon door prize donations, writing notes, grading papers, finding a lost camera, attending small group, spending time with my “Little Sister”, creating a new puppet personality, needing to be at one place from 11-2 and another place from 1-3 on Saturday, and having enough energy for all of the above…I was a little overwhelmed.  Scratch that…yesterday as I decorated my table, put together my gift bags for my table guests, and waited to practice the skit…I was a lot overwhelmed.

   Last night, as I laid down for the night and pondered all that had transpired over the past few weeks and awaited me this weekend…I just thought…
“I need a break!  I can’t do this.  I need to learn to say no and just run away for a bit.” 
And you know what….one of those verses that God has not only hidden in my  heart but I believe etched it in stone there came to my mind and calmed my heart. 

Be still, Jodi, and know that I am God…

   Ahh!  What a refreshment that simple verse was to my overwhelmed soul!  He was there through all of the overbooked scheduling…all the simple tasks that I needed to accomplish…and He simply reminded me to stop…and remember that He IS God.  He doesn’t change.  He’s as present in the midst of the chaos of April and May as He is in the excitement of August and September.  Yes, He calmed my soul in the midst of my personal storm.

   This morning, as I awakened, I was reminded of another truth etched on my heart.

Joy comes in the morning. 

   Today was a new day.  I could choose to be overwhelmed by all I needed to accomplish.  I could be frustrated with all that I’ve been doing lately and gripe that I need to learn to say ‘no’.  I could choose how I would greet this day. I chose to let go of those frustrations and accept the day as it presents itself.

   Then, as you read above, all of those “woohoo” moments took place.  As I pondered anew these past weeks, I realized that whether my life is calm or chaotic…that I must find time to be still and know that He is God and to appreciate the truth that joy comes in the morning.

Thanks for reading, e-friends, I think I need to leave the serenity of my empty classroom with K-love playing online…and go pick up the best nephew in the world…and maybe the two of us and our iPads can get a beverage at McDs and enjoy their free Wifi.  I mean….if you get a new “toy” you need to play with it.  Right?

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