Lost Camera!

Originally posted on Miss P’s Ponderings on April 26, 2012

   I’ve come to the conclusion that my memory, which at one time was very accurate, isn’t what it used to be.  The newest dilemma to fall prey to my bad memory is my Olympus camera.  Sadly, it is missing.  Now, to many, this may not be a big deal, but to me…it’s HUGE!

   You see, I keep my blue camera in a purple case in my purse at all times.  Well, it’s usually in my purse at all times, until that dreaded day…when it wasn’t.

   On Monday, April 9th, our third graders had a spring music program at 6:00pm.  Not wanting to mess with my purse, I simply grabbed my purple case and headed into the gymnasium.  All was well.  I took my pictures, and life was good.

   Then, I returned to my car eager to arrive home, so…I merely tossed my blue camera in my purple case into my rolling cart which was already loaded in the car.  No biggie, right?  I can put in my purse later.

   A day or two later, after my language students wrote in their writer’s notebooks, I decided to take a couple pictures of them sharing.  I like having photographs of my students to include in their Third Grade Writing Anthology at the end of the year.  Not a problem…I reached down into my cart and picked up my purple case.  I snapped a few pictures…and….and….

I don’t remember!

  Time passes.  April 23rd arrives, and my homeroom is thrilled to see the seedlings which have popped up in many of our “Seed Manipulation” cups.  So, I think to myself, I should snap a few pics of them observing and recording their observations. 


It is not there. Not in my cart, not in my purse,
Not on my desk, could this be worse?
Not on the table, not in my car,
Oh, Camera, tell me where you are!

  So, I think to myself, if it’s not in those places, then I must’ve taken it home.  Yep, that’s where it is…I’m sure.

  Double bummer!

It’s not there! Not on the table, not by my chair,
Not in the office, not anywhere?
Under the couch, is Jasper my stealer?
I give up…let’s find a camera dealer.

  Yes, after looking throughout my classroom, my car, and my house,  I’ve given up.  I’ve returned to Amazon, where I bought my blue Olympus camera and found…a purple Olympus camera just like it.  So, it’s ordered.  I use my camera way too much–whether at church, at school, or spending time with my “Little Sister”–to not have a camera.

   Yes, I realize that as soon as I receive my new camera that my “old camera” may suddenly pop up.  To be honest, I’m hoping that happens as I had some cute pictures of my BBBS “Little Sister” from Easter, which I hadn’t downloaded or printed yet.  Who knows?  Maybe when I’m packing up my classroom at the end of May it’ll suddenly be located?  Or perhaps, when I sort through the stack of “stuff” on my office desk I’ll find it at home?  For now…I’ve given up.

   Aren’t you glad that God doesn’t give up on us? 

   When we’re lost, He seeks us out.  One of my favorite parables in the Bible is The Lost Coin.  Actually, I enjoy the lesson of all of the lost parables whether it’s a coin, sheep, or son.  Yet, these days….with me misplacing things so often, I suppose I relate to the woman searching the house for her coin. 

   I’ve heard many preachers preach about one or all of those parables.  It always brings joy to my heart to hear how heaven rejoices when a lost soul accepts the Savior.  Likewise, it brings me joy when I realize when His wayward children wander away from Him…He lovingly welcomes us back. 

   Yes, I’m glad God loves me enough to never stop seeking me, forgiving me, loving me. 

   Hmmm…maybe I should look again for that camera?  But…I have papers to grade, so maybe later.

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