TP vs. PP

Did my title hook you?  That was the goal.  I always tell my kiddos that they need to either have a title or opening sentence to grab their readers.confused

I have various random thoughts I wanted to share today, so this may lack focus….but in the end….it’ll fit together like pieces in a puzzle.

You see this morning I had to grab a new roll of toilet paper.  Yep.  TP.  Normally, I just grab one and go on with my day.  Those are not the times we live in currently.  We live in a stretch of weeks where toilet paper is like buried treasure.  I’ve not worried about it.  I mean, it’s just me and my two cats, and they opt for their litter box.  Yet this morning, I made myself count my remaining rolls (six).  I suppose I could find the “toilet paper calculator” to see how long it will last, but I’ll just take it one step (or square) at a time.

bm thinkAs I drove up to my church to get materials to teach a SS lesson online, I realized that I spent more time pondering the longevity of my toilet paper supply than I ever have.  Generally, when I start my final roll, I simply stop at Dollar General on my way home & pick up a new package.  Based on FB, finding it isn’t that easy anymore.  I decided when I have three left, then I’d start looking for a package to purchase.  When that time arrives, I suppose I’ll make that “Who has TP for sale?” post on Facebook.

The drive continued, and I realized I was approaching Circle K.  Normally, anytime I’m heading to church or somewhere on the hilltop of my old historic town, I’d stop and buy a Polar Pop.  That was my plan as I left home.  Yet, I’m a teacher….a rule follower.  Governor Holcomb said only essential trips/shopping.  Yes, I needed my teaching material, but a Polar Pop may have been nice, but not needed.  I drove by.

Seems my thoughts have changed on a lot of things.

Generally, I’m not a fan of being in front of a camera.  During the past week, I’ve recorded 22 songs.  Two of them….I wasn’t even hiding behind a costume.  The reason I faced my fear of being in front of a camera was the power of laughter….the need to lighten serious times with humor and music.  [Plus, it’s not a whole body shot, so that makes it a lot easier. Ha!]

Today, I recorded four songs as “Jade Verde”, then posted one.  I also recorded the reading of the next few chapters of one of my chapter books.  Then, I grabbed teaching material, a takeout meal, and transferred money from one account to another. washsanitize

During those things, I must’ve washed my hands a half dozen times and used sanitizer after touching everything and anything while in the car.  I spent an hour teaching/recording a Bible lesson and several hours trying to get technology to cooperate.

Then, right before sitting back to write this post, I checked Facebook.  I saw that a few stayapartfriends had shared some of my parodies.  Yesterday, I sang one as “Axel Ramone”.  Why?  To make people laugh.  To make a heavy news day seem a little lighter.  Anyway, one of my friends had a comment on her post from one of her friends.  He wrote, “Not much of a vocal talent.”  Apparently, he thought I was trying to impress people with my singing rather than make them laugh a bit.

I admit, my first reaction was to be hurt followed by being defensive.  “Well, of course the singing isn’t good, I’m a FEMALE trying to sing in the voice of a MALE.  Goodness!”

That was promptly followed by conviction.  You see, I don’t know that man.  My friends KNOW the purpose behind my daily parodies or songs. hugs I’m not trying to impress you with my vocal skills.  I’m trying to help us laugh in the midst of scary news.  I’m trying to help us smile when it’s really easy to let tears fall.

Did this come together?  I’m not sure if it did or not.  Here’s my big take-away.  NONE of us will be the same person we were a few weeks ago when this uncertain journey concludes.  Some of us will have learned to be kinder.  Some of us will be demonstrating more acceptance and forgiveness to others.  Some of us will have learned to be grateful for EVERYTHING….even our toilet paper.  How will you be different?  I hope….I pray….it’s a positive change.  Afterall, we’re all clay in the Potter’s Hands….got thisis64.8

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