Thankful for a Splitting Headache

memoriesI absolutely loved the time I spent in East Tennessee while I was attending college.  Big fan of the area!  When I returned to the Ohio River Valley, something strange occurred.  Allergies were discovered.

I kid you not!  My freshman year, I became “sick” each time I came home.  Cough, sneezing, stuffed up head.  I think my mom took it personally.  After graduation, this magnified, and it seemed like every single season….I’d fight those same things.

sneezeFinally, my doctor said, “Jodi, we can keep treating your symptoms, or you can get tested to identify your allergies.”  Allergy testing occurred.  I remember when they were letting the pin pricks on my arm fester, a few red spots showed up, and I fought the urge to scratch (as directed).  Then, they did the multiple rows on my back and again directed me not to scratch.  OH.  MY. GOODNESS!  I was wiggling and attempting to stretch and twist my back to alleviate the itch.  The allergist walked in and stated, “Yes, you have quite a few allergies.”

Soon, I started getting two shots three times a week.  Then, two shots twice a week.  Then, two shots once a week.  Next, two shots every two weeks. A while later, I received a bill.  Seems our insurance changed and the serum was no longer covered.  Well, that ended my allergy shots.

Now, I try to avoid my allergens when possible (Umm, pretty much nature). However, I refuse to let them win every day.

So, today….as I rolled over when the alarm started playing, I thought, “Man, there must be a weather change because my head is throbbing.”  As I was getting ready, the morning spring sneeze erupted.  The cats sprinted to another room.

Normally, this would be my excuse to stay in a dark room bm thinkuntil it subsides.  But….perspective changes everything.

You see, yesterday, I read a story written by someone on home-quarantine due to a Covid-19 positive test.  I read about her body aches and elevated temperature.  Reading about her journey made me change my perspective.

Yes, my head is still throbbing, as I’ve not stopped to take anything for it.  But, it’s just my usual allergy battle, and I won’t let it win.  I’ve made a singgrocery run for my parents to keep them at home.  I wrote a parody of a song to fit our self-distancing mindset right now.  I’ve chatted with my pastor about ideas of how our church can minister to children through technology while we can’t minister to them face-to-face.  I’ve recorded four songs as one of my many personalities.  I read several chapters of a book so that kids can hear oral reading while they’re stuck at home.  I even washed some dishes.

In a time when every day brings a press conference either from the Indiana governor, Kentucky governor, or federal Covid-19 team….I’m reminded to be thankful.  I’m thankful for a home to stay in…even when no one can come grateful  I’m thankful for my zany voices invented years ago and how I can use them to lighten dark times.  I’m thankful…..for a throbbing headache, watery eyes, feline-scaring sneezes, and a nasty-productive-cough.  Perspective.

What’s your perspective?  We can choose to see the good instead of focusing on the bad, but that doesn’t mean we ignore the bad.  Follow the CDC guidelines.  Learn a new (temporary) normal.  Save face-to-face play dates and gatherings for sometime down the road when this stinkin’ virus is put in its place.

Be safe.  Be smart.  Be thankful.  This too shall pass.the5-18bm idea

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