Hats, Hats, Hats.

First, I don’t wear hats.  Well, on “Hat Day” I do….or a birthday party, if asked.  My fluffy hair tends to frown at a hat, but today….I wore several figurative hats.

I started the day at Frisch’s eating breakfast with my parents and some friends.  Daughter & Friend Hats.

Then, I was off to my church because we were hosting a Health Fair for our community.
Church Member & Citizen Hats.

While there, I visited with the grandma of one of my students and sold a set of all 7 of my books to a friend.  Then, I had the joy of holding a cute baby while his mama signed some papers and took care of some other duties.
Teacher, Author, & Friend Hats.

From there, I journeyed to the home of the parents of one of my high school classmates.  They were purchasing my three latest books.  While there, we visited about our families as we’ve known each other for over 30 years.  Plus, one of their grandsons had been my third grader several years ago.
Author, Friend, & Teacher Hats

After leaving their house, I drove downtown to deliver another set of books to a friend who was purchasing them for her granddaughters.  When my friend had time, she invited me to the back of the building to be introduced to two of her granddaughters as an author who teaches. (Generally, I’m the teacher who writes, so this introduction made me smile.)
Friend, Author, & Teacher Hats

Then, Hanover beckoned, and I traveled west to Hanover Park for “Celebrate Hanover” where one of my girls came running up to give me a hug.  I then visited a few minutes with her mother after she introduced me to her baby brother.
Teacher Hat

Finally, I stopped by the store to grab some corn to  make a corn cake for tomorrow’s Jubilee Dinner.
Church Member Hat  image1 (2)

Now, as I try to force myself to go finish the sink of dishes then take a shower, I have a cat curled up on my lap.  Before this, I signed thirteen books to deliver tomorrow while the other cat was checking out my ink pen.
Feline Human and Author Hats

image2Hats!  I often talk about how I’m “Miss Jodi” at church but “Ms. Pflaumer” at school.  Now, I’m also “Jodi Lea Pflaumer” the author.  In the end, it’s all me…I am she.  At different parts of my day or week there are aspects of her personality that overshadow the other, but it’s all me.  I am who I am because of the One who created me, gave me talents and abilities to do various things, and molded me in my mother’s womb.  I’m learning to accept the “she” I am. She may not be everything I thought she’d be, but I’ve learned to love her….cause He loved her first and He loves her (me) best.

So, who are you?  But more importantly….whose are you?

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