As I sit here with the head of RockyTop on my ankle as he sleeps, I was thinking about my throbbing headache.  It’s hard not to think about it when it’s so irritating.  It occurred to me that I have a love-hate-relationship with my allergies.

How could I love them, you ask?  Well, I love many of the things I’m allergic too.  I love the beauty of nature, but alas…it’s nature that makes me sneeze.  I love to see a freshly mowed lawn, but alas….the mowing of yards make me sneeze and my eyes water.  Get it?

Then, I thought of my personal joke about being a human barometer.  I tell friends and students that I can predict a weather change as it generally prompts a headache.  I love a good storm, as long as it doesn’t knock out the electricity.  I enjoy a cool rain, but the change from one type to another triggers a reaction.

This transitioned into thinking about my feline roomies.  One is sleeping by my legs on my recliner, but the other sleeps in a chair by the kitchen windown.  BlackTop just came home from two nights at the veterinarian and his lungs screamed all the way home.  I kid you not he’s the loudest cat I’ve ever experienced inside the house.  Sadly, he’s not meowed much since getting home.  He’s either mad at me or still feeling the aftermath of his procedure.  I hate the volume of his meow, but I’d gladly take it now over his feline body not feeling grand and his inability to convey what’s bothering him.

Thinking of my cats made me think of my quote about why I have them.  You see, I hate cat hair on my clothes and cleaning kitty litter…or sweeping it up….or stepping on it.  Alas, I hate field mice and droppings oh-so-much-more!  So, I love cat hair and kitty litter in comparison to my disdain for mouse droppings!

All these ponderings lead me to my classroom.  I started thinking about a few challenges I’m dealing with like lying and irresponsibility.  Yet, even with my students who are most challenged with these two issue, I love them.  I accept them and realize…we’re just not there YET.

In the end, as usually happens, all of this falls to the foot of the cross as it becomes an analogy of me to God.  You see, I know with all my heart that He HATES when I sin.  He doesn’t allow it in His perfect kingdom.  Yet, He loves me.  How much?  He loved me so much that He sent His one & only Son to pay my debt…on the cross.

So…in the end, I am thankful for my allergies because they too can be used for my good & His glory.

Note: There was a delay in finishing today’s post because my post-surgery kitten needed a bit of cuddling to get his purr-motor

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