Histories, Hilarity, High-Fives, & Hugs

Originially posted on Miss P’s Ponderings on August 29, 2012


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   This morning before announcements began, one of my boys came up to tell me a very important story.  At least it was to him.  To be honest, I got a little lost as he told me about a PSD (not sure if that’s the name of the handheld game he was referring to) game he played and what the rocket or car did.  I’m not a “video girl”, so it was all a foreign language to me.  However, to this student, it was the best story ever and something he just had to tell me.  One of my girls told me all about her trip to Bristol for a race last weekend.  She shared the “best part” is the hotel, and she doesn’t really like to go unless they stay in a hotel.  She added, “You should’ve gone.  It was great!”  I reminded her that…umm…I wasn’t invited.  That just caused a chuckle.  Yes, students always have histories to share of something important…or fun…or gross.  It’s part of childhood.


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   This afternoon, as I sat at my computer working on updating my classroom Facebook page, one of my boys came back in to get his forgotten student planner.  As he spoke upon entering, I jumped.  This won’t surprise anyone who knows me, as I believe when God gave out the “gene” for getting surprised or startled He gave me multiple helpings.  Just like everyone else, my student found it quite hilarious.  As he left, he said, “I just about killed you, didn’t I?”  Of course, he was laughing at the time, so I’m hoping he meant it figuratively.    Then, there are the times when my students ask me to teach as “someone else”, meaning one of my voice characters.  We often chuckle as I teach with a sad attempt of an English, Australian, or elderly voice.  Of course, our economics activities involving play-dough and service charades have brought plenty of humor.  Yes, hilarity is something that we share daily.  I know when I leave in the afternoon that if my class hasn’t laughed at least once during the day, then I must be a bit grumpy.


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   Did you ever wonder who created the “high-five”? I did, so I googled the question, and it led me to a story naming Glenn Burke as its originator.   He was a Dodger in the 70s, and it was simply something he did…that ricocheted around the world.  Now, I use it frequently in my classroom as well as at church.  When a student tells me they scored a 100% on their AR quiz, high-five!  When my student showed me she was almost finished with her chapter book, high-five!  When the boy at church shows me the hole from his missing tooth, high-five!  To be honest, there are times when our 3rd grade teachers high-five…when something we plan or do goes especially well.  I mean, congratulating good things with a high-five is a good thing.  Have you high-fived anyone today?  No?  Give it a shot…what do you have to lose.

     Yes, I love the histories my kids share about their adventures.  I laugh a lot with the hilarity of life or jokes & stories of my kids.  High-fives are given and received daily.  It’s part of being a teacher.  Yet my final “H” seems to be in abundance this year.  Hugs!

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     You know…hugs just do wonders.  I have students who hug me daily when they arrive.   A couple students hug me daily when they leave my language class.  There’s even a few students I’ve not met by name who come up and hug me in the morning just because I say “hi” and they know my name.  In fact, one of the boys in my class probably hugs me a half-dozen times a day.  Of course, I can’t imagine a Sunday morning or small group without a hug from Bam.  He’s my buddy, and he always makes sure to give me “my hug”.  Hugs do wonders.

     Hugs remind me of when my nephew was little.  First, nothing would bring me more joy then when he’d come running down the hall at church to give me a hug.  I didn’t see him daily, but on Sundays…the hug always arrived.  Hugs…let people know you care and show them that all is well…even after “bad stuff” happens.  My sister and I would often chuckle when my nephew was smaller.  If she had to discipline him about a choice, he would reply with “Huggy, Mommy, huggy”.  He needed to know that even though his choice wasn’t making his mommy happy that the affection was still there.  Have you hugged anyone lately?

Well…those are my random thoughts for the week…So, share a story, tell a joke, give a high-five, and offer a hug.  Not only will the other be better for it, but so will you!

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