Last Day Learning

Originally posted on Miss P’s Pondering on May 31, 2012

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I’m starting this post at 7:05a.m. on the last day of this school year…at least the last student day.  I must confess I have a whole array of thoughts and feelings going into the day.  First, I look at my classroom and see all the “stuff” I still want to pack away and organize before 11:30 a.m. tomorrow when my “official” 16th years concludes.  Then, I see all the “junk” on my tables which will soon be considered treasures and souvenirs to the 3rd grader who picks it when I pull his/her ticket.  Next, I see the memory/autograph books on the students’ desks awaiting their thoughts…and a bit of me dreads the 15-20 minutes when 100 third graders will be trying to get all their friends and the four teachers to sign their book.  I also think about which tasks I can save for my nephew and his sidekick, Robby, to take care of when they come to my room this afternoon.  I wonder if my cadet teacher will come over today and plan out what tasks I can have her take care of.  To be honest, with all those thoughts running through my head, it gets a bit overwhelming.

Yet, then I think of the 24 kiddos who will be entering my classroom in 30 minutes, and I get a little choked up.  Yes, I have a few “challenges” in this crop of kids, but…even my challenges are cherished.  I’ll miss these little ones God placed in my charge this year.  I hope that wherever the path leads them next fall…that their memories of this year will make them smile…that the learning from this year will be permanent…and the improvements they’ve made will only grow greater. Yes, I look at today with the excitement of the last day of school, the joy of seeing what has transpired in the past 179 student days, and the sadness of saying “good-bye”.   Well, it hasn’t been ten minutes, but I think this round of thoughts will end.  I’ll write more later…when my next “break” presents itself…

Well, it’s 5:20p.m, and I’m heading out in just a few.  I have a sweet little “fourth grader” sweeping my floor while her mom works in her kindergarten room.  Then, I’ll be off to Mom & Dad’s for dinner (favorite childhood meal…salmon patties and macaroni & cheese…Yes, I am spoiled.)

However, now I look at my classroom…without any students.  Desks stacked by 2s in the middle of the room…library packed away to force me to reorganize my books before August 3rd…pics of next year’s third graders are in my rolling crate to be posted in my home office to help me learn names & faces before I meet them in person  Yes, my 16th year is almost over…only a half-day in my classroom tomorrow…and I’m already contemplating year 17.  Some teacher texts and books are already home for me to “reorganize” and contemplate next year’s instruction.  Yes, I love my career…I love the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children…


I’m also looking forward to sleeping in until 6:30….
Walking in the mornings to welcome the day God has given…
Reading books as long as I want without fretting over papers to grade…
Eating lunch for longer than 20 minutes each day, if the opportunity presents itself…


Thanking God for all the blessings He gave me this year….

Thomas, Jadyn, Ethan, Emily, Cameron, Natalie, Layken, Destiny, Bailey, Keith, Tyler, Joey, Chance, Jordan, Autumn, Zola, Miles, Lacy, Austin, Corrisa, Mark, Brady, Billy, Alicia, Zach, Jessica, Chelsea, & Hunter. 

May He watch their steps, guide their journey, and bless them & their families in more ways than I can imagine.

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