There’s an App for That!

Originally posted on Miss P’s Ponderings on April 23, 2012

  Seems that I-Pads are hitting schools full force, and as an elementary teacher who strives to be techie and engaging…I’m thrilled.  Of course, as of today, I’m I-Padless personally…but I have about an hour each day when my language arts’ students are able to utilize them to reinforce skills as well as challenge their learning.

   I’m wishing I would be able to download and check out apps over the summer…to be up and ready for useful integration in the fall.  Don’t know if our I-Pads will have that capability, so I’ll have to meet with my principal to check it out.  But, I know for most things I would like to use the I-pad for in my classroom, “there’s an app for that!”.  I get excited just thinking about all the opportunities ahead for my instruction and my students.

   Speaking of apps, during the K-Love pledge drive, I heard them share about an app which allowed you to order your Starbucks drinks.  Now, since I don’t drink coffee, I have no use for this app, but I found it hilarious that there was an “app for that”.

   It seems, from what I read online and hear through conversation or radio/television that there’s an app for almost anything you’d like to experience or use the I-Pad for…how cool is that!

   Well, you know what comes next…the connection…to something that has more endurance than an I-Pad, more longevity than technology, and more availability than apps…AND far more valuable.

   This weekend, as I shared in an earlier blog, I attended a Spiritual Disciplines conference at my church.  Friday night, we focused on using the Psalms to guide our prayer life.   Dr. Whitney shared how “there’s a Psalm for every sigh of the soul“.  He pointed out that many of us don’t have the prayer life we’d like to have because “we say the same old things about the same old things“. 

   By using the Psalms to guide your prayers, you may be praying about most of the same old things, but you’ll be praying in a new way and also about additional things.  It really is a great method of improving your prayer life, so I encourage you to learn more about it and try it in your own journey.

   Then, on Saturday morning, after reviewing praying with Psalms (and other passages), he moved on to meditation.  Reminding us that we are to meditate on His Word day and night.  Now, obviously while I’m teaching my third graders, I can’t pull on my Bible and read/reread today’s verse or verses.  However, if I meditate in the morning, then I can recall and ponder that truth throughout the day. 

   For example, today’s verse from K-Love came to my inbox this morning, so I sat at my computer a bit and prayed through it and then meditated on it.  So, as I’m teaching my class, I can think on the fact that His laws our right and will guide my life.  I can reflect on whether the things I do and say are abiding by His right laws.  Therefore, I can meditate on the verse because I’ve hidden it in my heart, not because I have the Book in my hand. 

   Plus, just like there’s an app for almost anything you want to do on an I-Pad, there is a Psalm for anything you’re feeling.
Having a great day? Pray through one of David’s Psalms of joy.
Experiencing heartache? Yep, there’s a Psalm for that experience too.
So, take a gander…there’s a Psalm for that.
Of course, these days…you don’t need a book in your hand. 
Grab your techie tool and read the Bible…there’s an app for that!

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