Originally posted on April 16, 2012 on Miss P’s Ponderings.

    I’ve realized that I am an individual who needs accountability.  There are so many times I make a decision and realize that without someone to ask me if I’m honoring it…it goes by the wayside.  Whether those decisions are simple, like making sure my teacher’s desk is clean before leaving school…or whether they’re more important, such as spending time in prayer and Bible reading daily.  So, accountability is my friend.
    However, I’ve also realized that most of us aren’t good at holding others accountable.  I can think of countless times when I asked someone to hold me accountable to a decision I had made.  “Will you check each week to make sure I’m exercising?”  “Will you ask me weekly what book of the Bible I’m studying?”  “Will you tell me at recess if I was negative during our lunch break?”  I can count on one hand the number of times someone actually did “ask” me…or hold me accountable.
    Then, I reflect.  Have I done the same to someone else?  Has someone asked me to “hold them accountable” to a commitment or decision that they have made?  Have I fallen short on being the one who holds someone else accountable?  I’m sure I have.  It’s easy to do…to forget to honor a request someone else has made.
     So, I find myself starting “another” blog.  Yes, that means I tried this a few years ago.  I had a few friends tell me that I had an ability to write and lots to say, and so I should “blog it” so others could read my “ponderings”.  So…I did….and I didn’t stick with it.  So, here goes…round two.  Maybe…just maybe…I’ll stick with this decision…even if no one holds me accountable.

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