Look for Your Cheerleaders

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I never thought about becoming a cheerleader in school. I didn’t have the figure. I didn’t have a perky personality. Now, I’ve got perky covered, and…I’m working on getting fit. However, I still don’t see myself as a cheerleader wearing a little skirt and waving pom–poms.

I am a cheerleader. A different kind. Not the kind who flips across the gym floor or who wears short skirts. I’m the type of cheerleader who sits in the stands of a ballgame and yells my heart out. I’m the kind who will send a message or email when I know you’re having a hard day or difficult time. Being someone else’s cheerleader comes naturally.

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But…this blog post isn’t about me BEING a cheerleader. It’s about my experience this past year FINDING my own cheerleaders. They’ve been found in the library drive-thru, the elementary hallways, and a bench along my river walking. I’ve found them at graduation receptions, while shopping at Dollar General, and when checking my messenger. My cheerleaders have been my biggest support system over this past year. How?

Well, believe it or not, sometimes….I doubt whether I can achieve my goal. I was doing pretty well for the first 7 months as I lost five pounds each month. Then, the scale stopped moving. Was it because I was starting to lift and do weights? Was it because I had become too confident in my ability to make food choices? Yes and Yes. Now, I’m using MyFitnessPal app again, and I’m hoping the numbers start declining. If not, I won’t stop. Why? I can’t.

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I owe it to myself to FINALLY get healthy. I’ve made it a part of my daily routine now to do some sort of exercise at least 6 times each week. I won’t let myself down…AGAIN. I won’t STOP and feel defeated by decades of living where I just didn’t try. I refuse to be a quitter. I’ve done that. I know I’m good at that.

Now, I choose to continue. I choose to master the gym bullies ( machines & exercises not people). I choose…to become the ME I should be. I mean…my cheerleaders think I can do it….so I will. I’m just not there yet!

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