Paranoia Peril

Be honest. I’m not the only person who has taken her temperature more in the past six months than in the past couple of decades. I’m sure others do a “smell test” to ensure their sense of smell & taste are still functioning. Covid has triggered illness paranoia in myself, and I’m guessing others.

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So…yesterday, when I started moving around at school, I noticed my allergy-induced sinus-pressure was throwing my equilibrium off. Then, I noticed I was chilling more than normal (as in the hallways in our school tend to be on the COLD side, so since Covid guidelines mandate keeping our doors open for circulation purposes….it enters my room). Between those two observations, I ventured to the nurse for a temp check. 98.1. Yep, it’s just allergies/sinuses/cold hallways.

We had a good day in 404, and my chills ended. By my prep to ensure all was still well, I ventured back to the nurse. 97.8. Yep, it’s just my Covid-paranoia.

A student stayed after school until 4:30 to work on assignments that he had fallen behind on due to struggles with focus. He rocked it. As I drove home, I didn’t turn the cool vent or the AC on …the heated car felt good. What? That’s odd.

Took my temp at home, and it was over 99….no biggie. By dinner, it was over 100. An hour later, it was over 101. Not good. Requested a substitute, notified administrators, modified lesson plans, sent messages to 4th grade team & inclusion co-teacher. Mom called to check and offered to bring me food or drink today. Went to bed at 9 wondering if I’d need to see a doctor or get a Covid test when I awakened.

In the midst of the sleeping hours, I was suddenly sweating. Yep. Fever broke. Then, I was still in bed at 6:40 when a colleague texted to check on me and ask whether he needed to do anything for my classroom or sub. As I lay there contemplating the day, I thought about all I should accomplish while I’m home today since I was certain my temp would be normal.

Got out of bed, made some breakfast, started a sink of dishes that I didn’t wash last night, took my temp. Under 100.

As I started up GoGuardian to interact with my students and checked Facebook, a couple of statements came back into my mind.

Mom: “If you don’t take time to rest, you’re going to wear yourself out.”
She’s said this for years anytime I’m busy. I realized with my new routine of exercising 5 days a week, my resting hours of an evening have decreased and my no-alarm-Saturdays are gone. Hmmm, maybe this whole thing is my body telling me…STOP….REST.

Krista: (paraphrase) “Maybe all the new changes to your lifestyle haven’t fully been accepted by your physical body yet?”

Hmmm…I can’t remember the last time I stayed in bed past 6:30. Perhaps, my body is saying…”Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece…” Nope, wrong song. Perhaps it just needs to be recharged? So, my brief thought of starting my “fall cleaning” with this day off since my fever has subsided will be replaced with a day of napping, reading, and being wallered by my felines. They are much happier than anyone that I’m off today. Let the recharging begin!

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