Choose Your Outlook

I could be REALLY discouraged right now.  I mean, I spent $50 to share a “Local Authors Booth” at Old Court Days in hopes of selling copies of my two new books as well as find some new buyers of my first two books.

I mean, I was ZONKED by the heat of Friday’s field trip, so spending the weekend outside didn’t have a big draw.  But, being able to sell my books did.  So, I sat.  For over 9 hours on Saturday and 3 1/2 hours today, I sat in the heat.  Hoping to sell books.  Trying to promote my “author” side of life.  When the radar dictated we start packing up a bit before 3 on Sunday, I had sold….ZERO books.  Yesterday, I sold 6.

Now, I thought I was being realistic when I hoped to sell half of what I sold in the fall.  In the fall, I sold 49 books over the 3-day weekend, but I sold 35 of them on Saturday and Sunday.  So, do your math, students.  I hoped to sell 15-20 books.  I sold 6.   To be honest, at first it felt like a punch in the gut.

Then, my silver-lining-finder took over.  In the past two months, I’ve sold 73 books! I have another 27 requested and delivery just needs to be scheduled.  Yes, that’s what I’ll look at.  I will choose to see the good.

I try to do that in other aspects of my life. It would be easy to focus on the negative, and sadly we live in a world that seems to encourage that.  But…what if we focus on the good?  What if we choose to see what is going well and improving the other things rather than focusing on the negative and overlooking the good.

You should try it.  Choose an outlook that brings joy instead of an outlook that feels like a punch in the gut.  You’ll be glad you did.


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